Fix Cydia Impactor Stuck on Verifying Application

Cydia Impactor is the best tool to sideload IPA apps to your iOS devices. Even your device not jailbroken, you can use Cydia impactor to install limited numbers of apps. When we are using Cydia Impactor sometime, we are getting errors. Cydia Impactor stuck on verifying application is one of the common error. In this article, we will guide you to fix this error.

You can connect your iOS device with the USB cable and open up Cydia Impactor. At that time your iOS device show there and you will drag and drop IPA file to Cydia Impactor. Even wait for few minutes nothing happens. AT that time you will realize Cydia Impactor Stuck on Verifying. At that time, what are possible steps to fix this error?


How to fix Cydia impactor stuck on verifying application

There are a few more ways to fix this error. You can follow all these methods.

Download latest Cydia Impactor version

When the Cydia Impactor got the bug, it gets fixed soon. Therefore make sure to use the latest version of Cydia Impactor

Check the internet connection

Make sure that the internet connection is working when you are sideloading apps.

Revoke the apple certificate

You can revoke apple certificate from Cydia Impactor.

Check how many apps got signed already

There are several limitations to signed apps through Cydia impactor. If it is more than 3, try to delete one and start sideloading again.

Rest your iOS device

If none of the ways works for you, You can reset your iOS device. Before the reset, make sure to backup your all data.

Hope this article helped you to fix Cydia Impactor stuck on verifying application error. If you have any other ways to fix this, don’t forget to share with us.

Best Cydia Repo List for Cydia App

Once after jailbroken your device, you need to add super tweak an app to your iOS device. But where can I find those apps and games to my iPhone? Cydia Repos is the helps you to get this all.

In general, After the jailbroken your device, Cydia app install to your iPhone. From Cydia app, you can search app which you need from the search section. But you cannot find all of the apps from there because it is limited with some repo. Therefore you need to add Cydia packages/ sources your Cydia app. Then it provides many more apps and tweaks. There are many more cydia sources available to add to Cydia app. Each Cydia sources are different with from what they offer us. Some of Cydia sources provide many more app, some of Best Cydia sources provide games, tweaks, etc.


Today we will share that, best Cydia source that you can install to your newly jailbroken iOS device. Because you can have many ranges of useful apps and tweaks to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. let’s see what those Cydia repos are.

Best Cydia Source for Cydia

Bigboss repository
Bigboss is the default Cydia repo which installed when your Cydia app install to your iOS device. You can get many apps and tweaks from there.

ModMyi repository
ModMyi repo is very popular to numbers of themes, wallpaper, ringtones and various kind of tweaks. You can customize your iPhone with awesome tweaks.

HackYouriPhone repository
HackYouriPhone is the best Cydia source to install to get paid apps free to your device. Once you are jailbroken, don’t forget to add this Cydia repo to your iOS device.
Source URL:

BiteYourApple repository
BiteYourApple repo also provides, the wide range of themes, wall[papers, and many more tweaks. This is also best to get cracked apps for free.
Source URL:

FilippoBiga repository
FilippoBiga is best for customize your iOS device. There are a huge number of tweaks and packages available to download. You can change your icons lock screen folders, carrier logo and many features are there.
Source URL:

iPhoneCake repo is the another most popular Cydia source which you can add to your iOS device. It also provides a wide range of apps and games to your phone.Source URL:

In conclusion, hope above Cydia sources helps you to get many more apps, games, and tweaks to your iOS device. If there are best Cydia sources available, share with us.

How to install Appcake on Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

When the installous stopped giving service and cracked apps, Appcake took place to provide same service like installous. Appcake become best installous alternative that gain high reputation from jailbreak community.At that time there were many more downloads and that proved Appcake was very popular among iOS users. If you new to Appcake, Appcake is working very well with iPhone iPad and iPod touch.Now you know how Appcake important is it and now you are waiting to know how to download this to your iOS device through Cydia app. Today we will guide you step by step how to install Appcake.


Appcake has been tested jailbroken iOS 11 device without any issue. Those are still working with iOS 9 and 10, able to install Appcake without an issue if your iOS device jailbroken. We want to say that, there is a another way that you can install appcake on non-jailbroken iOS device. But it doest not support all features of Appcake, it mean you cannot customize and install theme to your iOS devie. Therefore, install Appcake on Jaibroken iOS helps to get full features of Appcake.

How to get install Appcake on iOS device.

  • Open Cydia app > Manage > sources > Edit > Add. At this stage, you will get input box that you need to fill with URL.
  • You can add cydia repository link in to this input box. Just enter appcake repo. you can get more Cydia sources from here. Now you can tap on Add sources to add that repo to Cydia app.
  • Now you need to verify the repo, tap on add anyway button if you got warning. Now tap on return Cydia and back to Cydia home page. In source page, you can see iPhonecake repo has been added to Cydia. Now you need to search Appcake on search bar.
  • Then you will get Appcake and tap on install. It will take some moment to get install. once installation finish Appcake will not work without restart your iOS device. Just restart your iOS device and start working with Appcake app.

In Appcake app store, there are plenty of free and paid apps available to download. all of developers take many hours to develop all of these app. if you like you can purchase premium apps from Appcake. There are few more alternative for Appcake, such as Vshare and Zestia.